Our Committee With Photos

Frances Wright

Chair and Treasurer

I have supported Blooming Haddington since its inception, joining the committee as Treasurer in 2019 and I was elected as Chair in 2021. Haddington is such an attractive town and I am happy to volunteer some of my time to keep it looking its best.

Louise Begbie

Vice Chair

James Watson


I moved to Haddington in 2017 and started volunteering with the Bloom within a couple of months. I already had an interest in gardening. It seemed a fairly natural step to take at the time and I was semi-retired. Haddington is a lovely green place and I’m pleased if I can help in some ways to make it look its best. 

Jane Brown

June Brown

I joined Blooming Haddington to allow me meet people I wouldn’t normally meet, give me an outlet from sitting at a desk all day and to contribute to Haddington.

Seeing the enjoyment of others in the community at the wheelbarrow award ceremony in August 2019, made all the hard work worth while

Rab Moran

Laura Samuel

Liz Wilson

The best part of volunteering with Haddington in Bloom is realising just how appreciative the residents of Haddington and visitors to the town are of the various gardens, planters and hanging baskets. It’s enjoyable working alongside the other volunteers who put in a huge effort to help keep these green spaces looking so attractive

Graeme Yarwood

I am very keen on gardening as a hobby, so there was no better way for me to contribute to my local community than to volunteer with Blooming Haddington. There is no better feeling than when a member of the public stops and comments on the volunteering work we do and how it makes such a difference to the town.