Friends of Blooming Haddington

By becoming a “Friend of Blooming Haddington” you will be supporting our volunteers who work to improve and maintain our town’s green spaces, floral displays, hanging baskets and town centre planters.  

Membership costs are what you feel it appropriate to pay, with a suggested £10 for one years membership or £5 if on a low income. The amount of money you contribute is secondary! Our aim as a group is one of building our connections with the community and we’d be delighted to include you as a Friend. If you would like to become a Life Member the suggested figure is £40 as a one off payment.

Blooming Haddington News, the quarterly edition issued to all annual and life members includes news updates on Blooming Haddington as a group, some articles on horticulture, local information/history, flora and fauna, a track-word, gallery of seasonal photos, web links to local organisations and a spotlight page on events/news within the locality. An entertaining and interesting read seems to be the consensus of opinion!”

please email us if you would like to become a friend.